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Interested in joining the Mad Fientist in working out with me?

Your Health is Wealth

What if you applied the same level of dedication to improving your body as you do to saving money?

My clients in their thirties and forties have reached their peak physical performance with consistent, smart training.

It's never too late to get started.

Physical fitness is the key to a long and healthy retirement, and you owe it to yourself to put in the work now.

Here's how I helped the Mad Fientist get closer to his physical peak:

  • We established his fitness and performance goals
  • We started him on a 4-week strength training program that had him in the gym 3 times per week
  • I gave him nutrition suggestions to help him achieve his desired physique
  • We reset the program every 4-weeks based on the equipment he had available to him (whether he was traveling or at home) and based on his progress

All of this is done online. This is how online training works:

  • I use the mobile app Trainerize and you take your phone with you when you workout
  • I write exactly what exercises you should do and how much weight you should use in the app. I provide you with videos so you know how to do the exercises properly
  • You record the weights you use in the app while you're working out so I can see how you're progressing and adjust your program
  • We talk up front so I know your goals, your history, and what equipment you have available to you

My background:

  • I've worked with elite athletes for over a decade including SWAT, FBI, Olympic athletes, and Division 1 collegiate athletes
  • I have my M.Ed. in Kinesiology and currently teach at a University
  • I've competed in weightlifting since 2007
  • I'm passionate about helping people achieve their peak physical performance

I recently discovered financial independence and know this is how I can give back and contribute to the community.

I've worked with elite athletes most of my career and I have a scientific approach to my training programs that resonates with the FI-mindset.

If you can optimize your savings, you can apply the same principles to optimize your body too.

If you're interested in learning more:

1) Check out the Mad Fientist's 1-year recap post where he describes our training routine.

2) Listen to my interview on the FIRE Drill Podcast where I share what I eat, how I train, and how I help others reach their peak performance.

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I can currently take on a small number of clients for 1x1 individualized coaching, like the Mad Fientist.

Sign up for your custom workout program on my Trainerize site.

I look forward to helping the FIRE community improve their quality of life and achieve their fitness goals.

- Doug,

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