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President Roosevelt: The Strength Coach?

I’ve just recently took a trip to Portland where sits Powell’s Book Store, the largest used book store in the world, or so they say. I’ve talked before about expanding knowledge in areas other than strength and conditioning, which I feel is extremely important. To this end, I have been more interested in biographies of […]

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Strength and Power Training: Potentiating Complexes

The following post is from a lecture given by current NSCA President, Dr. Greg Haff, at an NSCA conference (I believe it was the 2016 Coaches Conference). I just wanted to share some of the notes I took and expand with some of my thoughts on how to better use these complexes for strength and power […]

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Brett Bartholomew: The Impact of Influence

There are those people who push us to be better, whether in our professional or personal lives. Brett Bartholomew is one such person for me. Some say you should not compare yourself to others due to different aspects. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I compare myself to others all the time, but in the sense that I […]

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Matt Wenning’s Conjugate Training Secrets

Many strength coaches and athletes search for that one training method or system that will take strength levels through the roof. Unfortunately, no method/system can technically be labeled as “perfect,” but there are some that have shown great results throughout years of practical testing (i.e., training). One of these methods that has great implications for strength, but many […]

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