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Strength and Power Training: Potentiating Complexes

The following post is from a lecture given by current NSCA President, Dr. Greg Haff, at an NSCA conference (I believe it was the 2016 Coaches Conference). I just wanted to share some of the notes I took and¬†expand with some of my thoughts on how to better use these complexes for strength and power […]

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5 Reasons You Have Time to Teach Olympic Lifts

For years there has been talk about how long it takes to teach Olympic lifts like the¬†snatch, clean, and jerk. I’ve written a little of my opinion on this before, but feel more depth is warranted. Read on for some reasons you do have time to teach Olympic Lifts in your program. *Caveat – If […]

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Muscular Tensions: Another Way to Program

I want to first start out by saying that the content this article contains isn’t something you don’t already know, if you’ve been around for awhile. In fact, what is below is fairly synonymous with the Force Vs. Time curve with which we’re all familiar. This is just another way of looking at the same […]

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Is “Keeping it Simple” Really THAT Simple?

It’s funny how often the “KISS method” is brought up, not only for our profession, but in general. If you haven’t heard of this acronym, it stands for “keep it simple, stupid.” I’ve wondered about this lately. Yes, I believe we sometimes can get into the weeds too far when a basic solution is the […]

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Programming Differences in the Weightlifting Movements

When discussing the weightlifting movements, there are undoubtedly controversial topics when it comes to programming them for athletes of field and court sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. Should they be used at all? If so, what variations should be used? What should be avoided? What are the best options for each sport? Position? […]

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