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The Reality of Strength and Conditioning: Expectations for New Coaches

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What’s Your Drive?

I’m sitting in a Starbucks just outside Seattle University, sipping on my dark roast at the time of this writing. I’m about to have a meeting to go over some of my duties for my new positi[...]

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The Reality of Strength and Conditioning: Why I Wrote the Book

Strength and conditioning is a very rewarding profession; it’s obvious why to those who actually know what we do in our daily duties. However, I feel that sometimes there are young individualsĀ [...]

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A ‘Thank You’ to All

Reflecting… I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the people who have helped me throughout my career. Just a quick ‘thank you’ to everyone. As I’ve said before, I belie[...]

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The Extroverted-Introvert: Your Story Matters

I used to think that my story (background, experiences, etc.) didn’t matter as a coach. I thought, “hell, I’m a coach, so I just need to be great at coaching (and programming). I don[...]

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Misdirection in Coaching – Be a Magician

I was watching the movie, Now You See Me, recently and I couldn’t help but think that sometimes we have to be like musicians when we coach. Magicians are known for their misdirection. While you&[...]

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Developing Well-Rounded Strength Staffs

After seeing different staffs interact over the years in both coachingĀ and business, there are certainly some things that relate. One thing that sticks out to me is that everyone seems to have their [...]

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